3 Types Of Garage Light Fixtures


Garages come with their own set of challenges when it comes to lighting the entire area. First, one must consider the reasons behind needing the light. Security, automotive work, and general lighting are reasons to consider different choices. In general, there are three types of garage lighting fixtures that can solve all of these needs. Security, overhead, and task lighting cover most areas of need concerning garages.

Security lighting includes using outside motion detected security lights that come on automatically when anything comes in the detection path. These types of garage light fixtures need to be bright enough to cover enough of an area to include any openings and entry to the home, if the garage is detached. Adding a second security light to the back side will give light all the way around the entire perimeter and increase security and safety.

Sensors can be adjusted to different sensitivities so that the lights come on and off appropriately.

Garage Lighting FixturesOnce security lighting is taken care of, the next step is to provide general lighting. Most homeowners opt to go with long, overhead garage light fixtures called rail, tube, or overhead. These are usually fluorescent light systems. They are fairly easy to install with instructions.

A general guideline for finding the right amount of systems to place in the garage is to read the manufacturers instructions regarding light coverage and measure the garage to see how many systems are needed. If the walls are painted a dark color then more lights will be needed than if they are white or light colored. Placing lights three feet away from all walls and keeping rows of lights a full six feet away from each other is the best way to install this setup. Usually, lights are hung at least fourteen inches from the ceiling.

The final type is task lighting. This type includes flood lights that sit on stands, clip on lights that attach to vehicles and move very easily, and a large variety of handheld lights such as flashlights. Other options in this category are overhead lights placed into cabinets above work spaces. Task lights allow people to do work in the garage with the extra light to be able to focus clearly on tools and the area being worked in. They are not always turned on and therefore can be used when needed in addition to the overhead lighting to give the best view of the underside of a vehicle, the saw blade in the table saw, or light to see the small numbers on a blueprint.

When picking out garage lighting fixtures, the primary focus is security, safety, and variability. The use of three types of lights allows one to customize the options while fulfilling all the primary needs for the garage. Customizing allows the owner to light the areas that are used the most and secure the premises as well.