Different Types of Garage Lighting

The garage is one area in the house that serves many functions. Originally made for the purpose of protecting vehicles, the garage has become more than just a place for parking automobiles. Many families use the garage as an additional storage area while others use it as a work station and an area for hobbies and certain crafts. To make the garage very functional, proper is necessary apart from the equipment and overall garage design. There are different kinds of garage lights to choose from in order to make the garage a venue for a multitude of tasks. Take your pick from fluorescent, recessed, pendant and LED lights and create a garage that’s able to serve well its many purposes.

We’ve compiled what we believed to be the ultimate comparison guide for garage lighting on amazon.com:

Garage Hanging LightBrandStyleFinishPower SourceRatings
4-foot Fluorescent Shop Light
Lithonia LightingIndustrialWhiteWired Electric3.5
Pendant Reflector Light
American FluorescentClassicSilverWired Electric4.5
Hanging Solar Powered LED Shed Light with Remote Control
Nature PowerTraditionalBlackSolar4
2 Lamp Shop Light
American Flour CorpRusticSilverWired Electric4
Hanging Farm Light with 10-Inch Reflector
Designers EdgeModernPowdered CoatingWired Electric4.5
Warehouse Shade
NuvoModernNickelWired Electric4.5
Vintage Hanging Pendant Light Fixture
Globe ElectricVintageBrushed SteelWired Electric4.5
One-Light Exterior Pendant Lantern
WestinghouseTraditionalClearWired Electric5
Barnyard Outdoor Fixture Down Light
Hardware HouseModernClassic BronzeWired Electric3
Trouble Light with Plastic Guard
WoodsTraditionalOrangeWired Electric5
LED Solar Shed Light

Fluorescent Lighting

This is a type of ambient lighting that can offer the right kind of illumination for your garage. Mercury and neon gas are used to produce fluorescent lighting via chemical reaction. A group or series of 4 ft. fluorescent lights are usually placed together inside a garage to properly illuminate the area. The advantages of fluorescent lighting include its ability to last long while being at least 60% cheaper than regular lights. It also doesn’t emit much heat; thus, making it ideal for tropical countries and garages that contain heat sensitive equipment. As fluorescent lights only come in bright white light, they’re very ideal for dark areas like garages and basements.

Fluorescent lighting, however, also comes with its own set of disadvantages. The lights tend to flicker which can bother some people and may also require professional installation due to its complex circuitry. Fluorescent lights are also considered as less attractive than other types of lighting and may not contribute aesthetically to the overall look of your garage.

Garage Lighting

Recessed Lighting

Garage light fixtures that use recessed lighting are usually embedded on the ceiling. Appearing like a spotlight from the top, recessed lighting is usually placed inside holes to give a sleek and stylish effect. A series of recessed lighting are often placed together to illuminate the whole garage. What’s great about recessed lighting is that they’re not distracting to the overall function of a garage. They can be placed directly on top of your workstation or directed to any area in the garage that needs a lighting fixture. Recessed lighting also has a dimmer function that allows you to control the brightness of the light.

The disadvantages of recessed lighting include the difficulty in installing the lights and the cost of the lighting fixture itself. As recessed lighting is embedded into the ceiling, you will need to create holes that are large enough to fit the lighting fixture. The costs of both the bulb and the installation process may be more expensive as compared to traditional lighting fixtures.

Pendant Lighting

Also known as hanging lights, garage pendant lights are great for both style and function. Perfect for kitchen islands and areas wherein light is directed towards a certain area, pendant lights can be used for garage work benches and areas where a lower light is needed to get the brightest light possible. Working with small tools needs bright light that is close and pendant lights can certainly do the job to provide the brightness that is needed. A garage with a high ceiling can most certainly benefit from a pendant light as it brings the light closer to where it is most needed. Pendant lights are great when you want style and drama yet still need functional lighting for your garage.

As pendant lights hang low, it would be best to install them in areas away from your car, garage doors and walkway. Pendant lights must also not work alone to illuminate the whole garage. You can combine them with fluorescent or recessed lighting as using them for the whole garage can interfere with how a garage is supposed to function.

Pendant lighting can also be very costly to maintain as you will most definitely notice a surge in your electricity bill. Energy saving models, on the other hand, are very pricey which can be a great turnoff for potential buyers. Consider your needs and budget and determine whether pendant lights are suitable for you and your garage.

LED Lighting

LED stands for light emitting diodes and is a very energy efficient form of lighting. LED lights consume very little energy; thus, making them incredibly long lasting. LED lights can provide at least 10 years of uninterrupted functionality. LED is used for a wide range of applications and may appear as a series of small bulbs to brighten up a garage.

LED lights don’t contain mercury and any harmful toxins. They also don’t emit ultraviolet light which can generate heat. As a result, LED lights don’t attract insects which can be bothersome for homes and garages located in the provinces.

In spite of its many benefits, LED lights are a bit more expensive. They also work best as directional lights for vehicles rather than be used as garage lighting. You can, however, use them to light up a stairway inside the garage or use them as energy efficient night lights.

Garage Lighting

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Garage Lighting

  •  Consider your needs and the functionality of your garage. One incandescent light will do if the garage only serves as a car park. However, lighting fixtures for dark corners are necessary if you plan to use the garage as a work or storage area.
  •  Think of the areas that need specific types of lighting such as the workbench or storage station.
  •  Consider the circuitry and how you’re going to install the lights. Professional installation may be needed for complex circuitry.
  •  Think about the cost of the lighting fixtures as well as the cost of installation. Operating on a budget allows you to spend within your means.
  •  Make sure that there’s easy access to the switch to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Having proper garage lighting should be a priority so homeowners get to experience ease and convenience in using the garage in their daily activities. Visit local retailers like Home Depot, B&Q and Homebase among others for a selection of indoor and outdoor lighting for your garage. With proper lighting, the garage serves a multitude of tasks for better work flow and efficiency in the home.